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Facebook groups to market your business

Here is a list of Facebook Groups where you can market your Businesses:

Job Online Make Money

Make Money Online 24/7

Alkem Make Money Online

Internet Make Money For Online Jobs.Net

I Want To Make Money Online

You Can Make Money Online

Global Internet Marketing Network - Make Money Online

CLOSED GROUP - Easy Make Money Online

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How To Make Money Online

Make Money Online Success Group

Make Money Online.

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Internet Marketing - How To Make Money Online

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Make Money Online - Free To Promote Here

Make Money Online (Habib & Associates)

Global Make Money Online Network

CLOSED GROUP - How To Make Lots Of Money Online

Make Money Online Society

Make Money Online

WAZZUB - Make Real Money Online

How To Make Money Online The Fun And Easy Way!

Make Money Online

CLOSED GROUP - Make Online Money Without Spending A Penny

Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Make Money Online Fast From Home

MLM and Network Marketing

MLM Viral Marketing

MLM 7 Figure Marketing

Like this page .. will be adding more as and when i join new ones Thanks


How to change a Plug

Not everyone knows this

How To Change a Plug

As you can see You may have two sets of Cords (wires)

  1. You Got Brown ... Blue... Green/Yellow
  2. Or the old Wires Red .. Black .. Green

I Have an easy Way Of learning Where Each Wire Goes

Take The Brown and Blue first..

BRown = Bottom Right

BLue = Bottom Left

You then only have Green/Yellow remaining. this goes top ..Only hole remaining

Now lets take the old colours

Red = Right

BLack = Bottom Left

You then only have Green remaining. this goes top ..Only hole remaining

Thats how i learned myself to know which wire goes were.





Winklevoss twins ??????

They are the twins who sued

Mark Zuckerberg  over facebook

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founder Positions are closed now
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My Status: Founder Member

Due to high global demand and limited numbers of Founder Membership positions available, GBBG reserves the right to grant complimentary Founder Member status to members who donate $25.00 USD or greater. You acknowledge you are making a DONATION to GBBG, in the amount you choose, of your own free will. You are NOT paying a membership fee, registration fee, or any fee for any service, membership, or product.MY Referring LinksFounder ONEGBBG | |



Make sure my ID is in your referal before signing up

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Second Founder Position  ...Think Of selling my second Founder Position ... MAKE ME AN OFFER ????

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 28, 2013

Rentalutions, an online software platform for do-it-yourself landlords, will immediately allow tenants to pay rent with bitcoins. The Company is the first major property manager or rent processing company to offer this option.

Bitcoin is a currency that is the electronic equivalent of cash. The currency was created in 2009 and the total value of all bitcoins today exceeds USD $1 billion. A recent decision by a Federal Judge in the Eastern District of Texas declared that bitcoins are, “a currency or form of money.” This ruling paves the way for greater regulation and adoption among individuals and businesses.

“As bitcoins gain popularity, we expect tenants will want to use the currency to pay rent. As a technology business, it’s our job to anticipate consumers’ needs,” says Rentalutions co-founder Ryan Coon.

Tenants can begin paying rent with bitcoins by contacting us.

About Rentalutions
Rentalutions helps do-it-yourself landlords easily manage their residential rental properties through the entire process. With Rentalutions, landlords can easily find tenants, access credit and background reports, collect rent and create and sign leases electronically. Since launching in late 2012, the company has added customers from across the United States.


Germany just aknowleded bitcoin as a REAL currency!



Our expert analyses indicates this technology will explode rapidly and virally. The network is globally open to everyone regardless of race, gender, nationality or experience. Reports demonstrate insuppressible global spread — to occur in a matter of days.


Hesitation to act now will result in the irrevocable forfeiture of massive fortunes.


GBBG will strategically introduce this technology to the world in timed stages.


From now, until June 30th, 2013, GBBG will accept a limited number of Founders Membership applications available on a first-come-first-served basis to all members of the global population. The network has reserved 50,000 Founders Membership matrix positions. There is NO LIMIT on the number of positions that may be claimed per person. These will be claimed extremely fast. Upon accepting 50,000 NO further applications can be claimed so that we may brief, train and vet these members for the later stage public enrollment.

During this stage we are paying INSTANT referral rewards to members.


On July 1st, 2013, GBBG will auto-populate the initial 50,000 positions in the matrix. We will assign each member into the matrix in a position below the person who referred them. This is a forced 3×7 matrix structure.


The first 10,000 members placed into matrix positions will be granted a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. All others must make an annual donation to GBBG to participate in monthly revenue distributions and matrix bonuses. Annual donations are not required in order to be a member of GBBG or to use our FREE products and services. Annual donations are only required to participate in revenue sharing pools and matrix bonuses.


On July 4th, 2013, GBBG will begin open global registration. All members will be allowed to actively build their down-lines using their referral ID’s. We will continue to pay INSTANT referral rewards.


Upon reaching pre-determined membership milestones, we will reveal the process to download FREE GBBG technology. All members who make annual donations will earn MONEY each and every single month based on usage of free services. Members will not be required to spend money on products or services in order to earn their share of GBBG’s revenues. Revenue will be generated through advertising, premium communication services, payment processing, currency exchanges, sales of books, sales of music, sales of movies, and many other income producing mediums. Members simply earn money by using the FREE technology. Some of our FREE services will include:

  1. Communication with anyone, anywhere in the world, including unlimited global telephone calling
  2. Access to the largest database of music, movies, and books on earth
  3. Global payment processing, currency exchange, and banking with NO FEES
  4. Much, much more


GBBG is a public domain, non-corporation and as such there are no required fees for participation or membership and there is no board of directors or shareholders to hoard assets or revenues. Therefore, we are deploying our initial software exclusively with donations, volunteers, and peer-to-peer technology.

Account Type Estimates

Est. Downline Count 2,550 2,072 319
Est. Monthly Founder Pool Share $ 24.26
Est. Monthly Co-Founder Pool Share $ 23.33 $ 23.33
Est. Monthly Member Pool Share $ 15.00 $ 15.00 $ 15.00
Est. Monthly Matrix Bonus $ 2,677.25 $ 2,175.26 $ 334.66
Est. Direct Referral Bonus $ 133.86 $ 108.76 $ 16.73
Est. Total Monthly Earnings $ 2,873.69 $ 2,322.35 $ 366.39
Est. Marketplace Resale Value $ 120,695.05 $ 97,538.81 N/A



The New Lexus advert symbolism

The New Lexus advert symbolism

If you want to make a statement, give them a signal


What i saw. and how they play on words and images

If you want a response. give them a statement.

Media coverage, police interviews

If you want love, give them your heart

trust, commitment, relationship, family, honour,

image of golden eagle --- watching over you. big brother, snooping on you. taping into phones, emails, computers,

If you want to stand out. Give them some attitude

if you disagree with what you see. you will be arrested, not allowed to have an opinion.

If you want desire, give them a pulse

riot gear policestate ..making it the norm. that this is going to happen more

Sharks   fear,

If you Want Respect, give them the truth

believe in what you hear, and respect the goverment (police)

horses power,

If you want success, give them a challenge

tiger roaring if you dont respect us or you restrain us. we will attack

if you want to change lanes

go againest the police.. you will be arrested,

Give them a signal

if you say anything wrong you will be punished

Now tell me there no sybolic meaning in this advert..

We all know adverts are a great tool to get people to buy your products.  so why not use it to control people too. ?

more to follow