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The New Lexus advert symbolism

The New Lexus advert symbolism

If you want to make a statement, give them a signal


What i saw. and how they play on words and images

If you want a response. give them a statement.

Media coverage, police interviews

If you want love, give them your heart

trust, commitment, relationship, family, honour,

image of golden eagle --- watching over you. big brother, snooping on you. taping into phones, emails, computers,

If you want to stand out. Give them some attitude

if you disagree with what you see. you will be arrested, not allowed to have an opinion.

If you want desire, give them a pulse

riot gear policestate ..making it the norm. that this is going to happen more

Sharks   fear,

If you Want Respect, give them the truth

believe in what you hear, and respect the goverment (police)

horses power,

If you want success, give them a challenge

tiger roaring if you dont respect us or you restrain us. we will attack

if you want to change lanes

go againest the police.. you will be arrested,

Give them a signal

if you say anything wrong you will be punished

Now tell me there no sybolic meaning in this advert..

We all know adverts are a great tool to get people to buy your products.  so why not use it to control people too. ?

more to follow