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The Royal Baby

The Royal Baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William Baby is Due on 13th July 2013

Baby Born On Monday 22nd July 2013

A baby Boy  8lb 6oz   at 4.24pm  and its third in line to the thrown

Congrates to Kate and William


There is a lot of interests in the new Royal baby.

I have my stepladders READY 

If the bookmakers are absolutely spot-on in the latest Royal guessing game, not only will the baby be born on Sunday 14th July 2013 but she will be called Alexandra and will weigh between 7lbs and 7lb 15oz.

However Kate and William have kept the names secret until the baby is born

or weather its a boy or a girl .. or if they know the sex of the baby at this date

This Doesnt stop people making up there own minds though.

Which makes good paper selling here in the UK

somes names that have been suggested are :

BOYS Names

James was top


then there was Oliver, Thomas and Jacob

GIRLS names

Victoria after Kates Mom

Then was Diana after Williams mom

and other popular names  Grace, Elizabeth and Charlotte

Paddy Power, the bookmaker is giving James odds of 12-1 and Victoria 10-1

The odds are high on The Royal Baby being a GIRL

Then theres which newspaper OR magazines going to get rights to publish the news and photos.

Prediction Of the Birth

More to follow