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Meerkats Singing Duet lyrics

robert & Aleksandr singing duet Lyrics

 Gingery and  furry

Robert Webb : du du derrrr  its me

Its Him

Aleksandr Orlov : ginger fest angry trouser man

Robert Webb : ohh yes ,, we need to talk, by talk I mean DO A PIANO DUET

Aleksandr Orlov : Your Gingery

Robert Webb : And your Furry

Aleksandr Orlov : but there is no need for us too disagree

Robert Webb & Aleksandr Orlov : we should settle our difference and live in harmony

Sergi : His gingery and he is Furry. there is no need to disagree

his gingery and he is furry

Robert Webb : you compare Kats

Aleksandr Orlov : you look through stats

Robert Webb & Aleksandr Orlov : but there no need for all these silly spats we should settle our differences and live in harmony

Robert Webb   oohhhhhhooohhhhhhh.

Aleksandr Orlov and Robert Webb: we should settle out differences and live in harmony.

Aleksandr Orlov : Foolish MAN

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