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  1. Great resources Paul!…You should make this a tab in you menu…

  2. Great resources Paul!…You should make this a tab in your menu…

  3. Don Walker nice one don .. yeah mate will do that thanks SM:)LE

  4. i will need to find a microsoft ess for win 8 .. soon ..

  5. Love it…thank you.

  6. Awesome Paul, hopefully with the couple of quirks my pc has been having I can get to the bottom of it with your very valuable tips with me not being a techie nerd I had not heard of a lot of these, thanks so much!!!

  7. wow! great tips!

  8. lfoutch23 your welcome. yeah u will find the problem too.. i have more to add.. soon

  9. Great information Paul.

  10. Elizabeth A Redd Thks Elizabeth

  11. Hey Paul Recuva was a huge help, however File Repair could not do anything for the files as they were beyond repair. It wasn’t that they were corrupt it was that pieces of the data were lost. I searched the error code online and the data is beyond salvaging. I managed to save 1 piece of 306 in the end

  12. Staffardo  no worries mate .. thought the data might have been over written when you installed the windows again .. thanks for your comment . glad recuva was helpful tho :)

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